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UPDATES ON Hound Training DVD Series

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“More Than A Huntin’ Dog…” TM Vickie Lamb’s Hound Training Videos From a lifetime of training, hunting and competing with both hounds and retrievers, Vickie Lamb has shared many of her techniques, methods and experience in magazines including… Read More

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?


HOW DO YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART? Upon starting this post, there was a certain message I wished to convey about the dogs, for the dogs, and about life. As words flowed in many directions, some truths became… Read More

Reading Eye Language in Dog Training

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READING EYE LANGUAGE IN DOG TRAINING…   Sure–in Official Parliamentary Procedure, the “Ayes” have it. Well, out in the real world, the “Eyes” have it. And, this photograph reveals that Belle is making her presence known. She’s glaring… Read More

Winter Retriever Training

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WINTER DOG TRAINING Training dogs during winter months consists of the same ingredients as the rest of the year, including following through on goals via plans and schedules, and of course, proper gear and conditioning.

… Color my world…


LIVING IN AND WITH THE OUTDOORS… Rainbows have such a startling way of arresting our attention, no matter what the world is dishing out at the time… such as this one that erupted out in west Texas… and… Read More

Thank you to our Veterans of War

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Thank you to all Veterans who have fought to protect our Freedoms.  You are much appreciated!  

Building Into A New Year…

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… And New Updates and photographs will be available very soon…

News Release — “More Than A Huntin’ Dog…” TM– THE SERIES of Hound DVDs

“MORE THAN A HUNTIN’ DOG…” TM DVD SERIES—First Release: Because you asked for it! “Tone Recall” shares Vickie Lamb’s successful method on teaching hounds to come when called without interfering with your dog’s hunting drive and ability. It’s… Read More