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UPDATES ON Hound Training DVD Series

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“More Than A Huntin’ Dog…” TM Vickie Lamb’s Hound Training Videos From a lifetime of training, hunting and competing with both hounds and retrievers, Vickie Lamb has shared many of her techniques, methods and experience in magazines including… Read More

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?


HOW DO YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART? Upon starting this post, there was a certain message I wished to convey about the dogs, for the dogs, and about life. As words flowed in many directions, some truths became… Read More

Winter Retriever Training

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WINTER DOG TRAINING Training dogs during winter months consists of the same ingredients as the rest of the year, including following through on goals via plans and schedules, and of course, proper gear and conditioning.

Old Dogs Rule…

… Moses commands a certain respect… one that mirrors wisdom and experience and radiates an intangible ethereal quality. In being privileged to occupy the same life space as him, I’m humbled in sensing and sharing his caring as… Read More