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Sunrise Vickie Lamb Outdoors

Introducing Vickie Lamb Outdoors Welcome to the new website and information source, Vickie Lamb Outdoors “VLO” … this website is currently under revised construction, yet during its many development phases will be available as things grow, with an… Read More

UPDATES ON Hound Training DVD Series

Flo Hunt DG8A4278

“More Than A Huntin’ Dog…” TM Vickie Lamb’s Hound Training Videos From a lifetime of training, hunting and competing with both hounds and retrievers, Vickie Lamb has shared many of her techniques, methods and experience in magazines including… Read More

New Kids on the Block

Puppy IMG_4711

New Kids on the Block This new litter of big game hounds is already exhibiting great promise… stay tuned !

One Special Hound

Moses emits dignity with every move he makes

One Special Hound Durango — Aka Moses. He was one special hound. More to come.

Thank you to our Veterans of War

Vickie Lamb, Vickie Lamb dogs

Thank you to all Veterans who have fought to protect our Freedoms.  You are much appreciated!  

Puppies!!! Working Hound Crosses (Test Post)

Two dynamic crossbred litters of hounds whelped in early November of 2011 are showing the potential flowing through their veins. A variety of photos will be posted soon and you’ll quickly see why we’re so thrilled with each… Read More