More Than A Huntin’ Dog…” TM

Vickie Lamb’s Hound Training Videos

From a lifetime of training, hunting and competing with both hounds and retrievers, Vickie Lamb has shared many of her techniques, methods and experience in magazines including Coonhound Bloodlines, American Cooner, Full Cry, Retriever Journal, The Retriever News and others.  Vickie’s dogs have earned numerous competition titles at the highest levels in each venue.  Additionally, Vickie and her dogs have appeared on ESPN, WGN and Outdoor Life Network (Versus–Now NBCSN).  Vickie is the author of two highly popular and respected books:  Dynamics of Hound Training and The Ultimate Hunting Dog Reference Book.

This series on hound training developed from methods revealed in her books and magazine articles, includes and delivers how to build a special way of life between you and your dog, throughout an entire year of training, care, and hunting progression.  Your dog is “More Than a Huntin’ Dog…” TM !

The first two releases, “Tone Recall”, and “Puppies Through Four Months” are currently available from F & T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post,, phone 989-727-8727, and the third DVD in this series, “Puppies Five through Eight Months” will be available by November 2019.  Fourth in this series, “Puppies Nine through Twelve Months” and the final volume of “Putting It All Together” are in production stages, with DVD Four Available by mid-summer 2020 and DVD Five Available in November 2020.  

Please watch this blog space for more specific updates on where to view various excerpts, and DVD trailer clips, Thanks for stopping by, and please check back often!

Vickie Lamb Hounds Hunting


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