News Release — “More Than A Huntin’ Dog…” TM– THE SERIES of Hound DVDs


Because you asked for it!Tone Recall” shares Vickie Lamb’s successful method on teaching hounds to come when called without interfering with your dog’s hunting drive and ability. It’s a method that works under any conditions, even the unforgiving terrain and harsh climate found in places like Montana, Wyoming, and far west Texas, where extremists live and interact year-round.

Once you’ve had a hound that will “handle” you’ll never want to do without this trained response in any of your dogs, ever again. All of this can be done without electric stimulation. This DVD shows you how to combine “long distance communication” –delivered by tone from an e-collar—between you and your hound. Even more, it reveals many fundamental principles on dog training that are useful day in and day out, all year long in living and hunting with your dog.

“More Than A Huntin’ Dog…” TM (the series) delivers a special way of life between you and your dog, and does so throughout an entire year of puppyhood and progression. And, it’s more than that.  Vickie has discovered something indefinable after decades of dog training and living and hunting with dogs in her own right.  This series is the beginning of that journey.

Join Vickie in showing you how to teach your dog the finer points of recall, no matter what he’s doing or where you are. First in a series, Tone Recall is based on this fundamental principle: It’s all about the dogs, and that fairly interacting with them not only enriches their lives, it enhances yours, as well.

Currently Available: “More Than A Huntin’ Dog…”™ Puppies–Birth to Four Months and by late August 2017, Puppies–Five to Eight Months,
with Puppies Nine to Twelve Months available by Christmas 2017.

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