Introducing Vickie Lamb Outdoors

Welcome to the new website and information source, Vickie Lamb Outdoors “VLO” … this website is currently under revised construction, yet during its many development phases will be available as things grow, with an official launch due in September, 2019.

VLO’s Working Mission Statement:

Promote the sharing and teaching of unique, sound training principles for hunting dogs, and, along the way, all types of dogs—with strong emphasis on and promoting a balanced life platform, built around and with respect for all things outdoors. In addition, some unique applications and crossovers with horse training principles are implemented to accentuate the ultimate in training methods and approach. Also sharing experiences and tips in fly fishing, hunting, kayaking, and outdoor life adventures along the way!

This site will bring a constantly updated combination of different media forms, including video clips, photographs and text with insightful, descriptive and refreshing methods for training and living with our dogs and the outdoors. Please come back often as you see this source continue to evolve, and please offer comments on content you’d like to see increased or added!


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