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Sure–in Official Parliamentary Procedure, the “Ayes” have it.

Well, out in the real world, the “Eyes” have it. And, this photograph reveals that Belle is making her presence known. She’s glaring at her adversary right now… who do you think will prevail?

Developing skills to help you learn to read your dog will make you a better dog trainer, and will also provide you with the communicative ability to enrich your relationship with your dog.  Stay tuned, as you’ll learn about these things, and many others, as we work toward an official launch of weekly updates by mid-September.


One Comment on “Reading Eye Language in Dog Training

  1. Hi Vickie !! I’m a very close friend of tony poole. All the wonderful stories he’s shared with me are amazing !! You are simply a outstanding person !! I Sooo admire you and all you do and have done !!! I’d be honored to receive all information you post or write .. Thank you very much for your time !!! Ps. Wish you have “people” classes !!! Lol .. I’d sure enough would attend !! Thank you , shannon !

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