Vickie Lamb

About Vickie

Following college, Vickie worked or interned under several of the nation’s top professional dog trainers, including Hugh Arthur, Jim Kappes, Rex Carr and Robert Wehle. She has raised, trained, handled and titled retrievers to field trial all-age level and national competition, and also achieved the same levels of success with coonhounds--a completely different type of performance hunting dog. She’s trained most hunting dog breeds and most companion dog breeds, always seeking to advance and perfect her methods.

Vickie began writing about her continually improving dog training methods, in efforts of bringing helpful information to less-experienced owners and trainers, and to ultimately help the dogs to receive more sound training methods. This has advanced to deeper levels of understanding in dog training as she continues to pursue and hone better methods in communicating with them—as there is always more to learn—and to share those skills with others.

She’s written the highly popular “Electric Collars and Their Practical Applications to Hounds” series, Dynamics of Hound Training, Volume One—Basics and Foundation, sold out of its third printing and currently being revised into a fourth printing, and The Ultimate Hunting Dog Reference Book, which has been published in hardcover and paperback form by two different publishing companies. In addition, she was a co-author of The Encyclopedia of North American Sporting Dogs. A Volume for Companion Dogs and showcasing Tone and Vibration is currently in progress, as well as completion of the book on Rex Carr.  

Over a thousand magazine articles to her credit have been published in various magazines including The Retriever Journal, Coonhound Bloodlines, Full Cry, Retrievers Online, American Cooner, The Retriever News, Bloodlines, and others. She has been featured in Outdoor Life, American Hunter, Sporting Classics, Upland Almanac, Gray’s Sporting Journal, and Shooting Sportsman, and others. She and her dogs have appeared on OLN, Versus, WGN and ESPN networks.  

Vickie’s ultimate challenges continue in learning deeper communication and developing dog training skills to higher and better levels than those ever thought possible and teaching dog owners how to do it themselves. In addition, she pursues service dog opportunities for PTSD veterans. Those passions also include continuing to improve her outdoor skills with her passion for balanced sustenance practices in hunting and in fly fishing skills, and in sharing and communicating these life lessons and adventures to others as these things continue to enrich her life—hence VLO, Vickie Lamb Outdoors.