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Introducing Vickie Lamb Outdoors

Welcome to the new website and information source, Vickie Lamb Outdoors “VLO” … this website is currently under revised construction, yet during its many development phases will be available as things grow, with an official launch due in September, 2019.

VLO’s Working Mission Statement:

Promote the sharing and teaching of unique, sound training principles for hunting dogs, and, along the way, all types of dogs—with strong emphasis on and promoting a balanced life platform, built around and with respect for all things outdoors. In addition, some unique applications and crossovers with horse training principles are implemented to accentuate the ultimate in training methods and approach. Also sharing experiences and tips in fly fishing, hunting, kayaking, and outdoor life adventures along the way!

This site will bring a constantly updated combination of different media forms, including video clips, photographs and text with insightful, descriptive and refreshing methods for training and living with our dogs and the outdoors. Please come back often as you see this source continue to evolve, and please offer comments on content you’d like to see increased or added!


How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

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Vicki Lamb, Vickie Lamb, Vickie Lamb dogs, dog training, puppy trainingUpon starting this post, there was a certain message I wished to convey about the dogs, for the dogs, and about life. As words flowed in many directions, some truths became apparent to me…crystal clear, in fact. So vividly, that those things are taking shape in many ways…

For now, please accept this: We hold, in the palms of our hands, the hearts of our dogs. What we do with that enormous responsibility can enable our dogs to richly fulfill their potential, or can break their spirit into pieces.

Not unlike our own hearts, you see? Like mine. Hearts can be shattered, and often by the hands you least expect.

How… do you mend a broken heart? Your dog is counting on you. He trusts you. As you live with him and as you train him, please, don’t take out more from him, in heart and spirit, than what you can put back in. Even more critically, don’t take out what you can’t put back in. Such words of wisdom were taught to me by a very special friend.  They are words to live by, with–and also beyond–our dogs… in life.

Dogs, like people, make mistakes… Mistakes are a whole ‘nother subject for another day.

Unlike many people, dogs are instead amazingly resilient. They forgive without boundaries…

Open up and listen to your dog. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. And perhaps… you’ll tune in to your own heart.

Original copyright, Vickie Lamb, May 2012, excerpt

Reading Eye Language in Dog Training

Vickie Lamb, dog training, skills, eye language


Vickie Lamb, dog training, skills, eye language


Sure–in Official Parliamentary Procedure, the “Ayes” have it.

Well, out in the real world, the “Eyes” have it. And, this photograph reveals that Belle is making her presence known. She’s glaring at her adversary right now… who do you think will prevail?

Developing skills to help you learn to read your dog will make you a better dog trainer, and will also provide you with the communicative ability to enrich your relationship with your dog.  Stay tuned, as you’ll learn about these things, and many others, as we work toward an official launch of weekly updates by mid-September.


Winter Retriever Training

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Training dogs during winter months consists of the same ingredients as the rest of the year, including following through on goals via plans and schedules, and of course, proper gear and conditioning.

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Young Hounds six months old treeing a raccoon…

Vickie Lamb, Hounds, raccoon Hunting

Excitement prevails as young hounds successfully trail and then tree their quarry, a raccoon


… Color my world…



Rainbows have such a startling way of arresting our attention, no matter what the world is dishing out at the time… such as this one that erupted out in west Texas… and each rainbow reminds me of this special quote:

“In my soul, I am still that small child who did not care about anything else but the beautiful colors of a rainbow.” Papiha Ghosh


UPDATES ON Hound Training DVD Series

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“PUPPIES BIRTH-4 MONTHS”, the second DVD in the series “More Than A Huntin’ Dog…” TM THE SERIES With Vickie Lamb, is currently available.

DVD #3, PUPPIES 5-8 MONTHS and will be available in Fall 2019.  Watch for release information.

DVD 4, Puppies 9-12 Months, will be available by Late Fall 2019. Please watch this blog space for more specific updates, as well as Resources and the Home Page. Various excerpts, some DVD trailer clips, and endorsements will soon be available as well. Thanks and check back often!

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Thank you to our Veterans of War

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Thank you to all Veterans who have fought to protect our Freedoms.  You are much appreciated!


Building Into A New Year…

Takin' on the World...

Takin' on the World...

… And New Updates and photographs will be available very soon…