Vickie Lamb

Vickie Lamb’s life has been devoted to training dogs, while employing a deeply committed and constant study and application of ways to improve ways of dog training—for the dog—and sharing these things with people, in both written word and visual media, so the dogs ultimately benefit from this experience and information as their trainers have better access to philosophy, method and application. Thus far, along with books and DVDs to her credit, over 1,000 of her articles have been published in various magazines.


In addition, Vickie’s life-long experience and commitment to her own personal horses and the dedication invested in gaining knowledge about them, blends into a truly unique approach to dog training, and to life. At the core of this equine blend into canine training method are experiences learned in some very special relationships with a few gifted mentors. Application of horse-training psychology/method with dog training has resulted in, and continues to be improved, an exclusive blend of method and philosophy that is very dog friendly. Consequently, it’s also human friendly to a growing market trend that seeks better and less pressure-infused dog training methods and techniques.

In an expanded view of VLO’s overall picture, the hunting dogs quite simply attach everything to the outdoors—for a natural flow into the outdoors, because Vickie is not just training the dogs for hunting, she also lives and breathes living with dogs and horses, meaning the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports.